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Apr 12, 2017 Irena Zajac

Hi Visa,

We are back from our trip to China. Everything was perfect. We were very busy each day. We saw a lot and learnt about China's history. The guides were well prepared and very nice.

We are happy and we would like to thank you for organizing good trips.

Good job.


Irena Zajac

Dec 5, 2016 Cathryn Allen

I am writing on behalf of Olga Crouse and myself in regards to our trip to India with Nexus holidays (November 11 - November 20) We had a wonderful time. We can't say enough about all the people that met with us to ensure that we were well looked after. All the representatives were fabulous. Our driver for the entire holiday was fantastic. He took excellent care of us throughout our 10 day journey. His name was Satnam. Unfortunately I did not get his last name.  The three main guides that we had ( Unni Krishnan -DELHI ) (Ghanshyam Sharma - JAIPUR) and( Nishant Vashishtha - AGRA) were beyond fantastic. They were all very knowledgeable, friendly, and took very good care of us on this journey. The hotels were excellent.

Thank you for all your help in getting us to India. It is an experience that neither my mother or I will ever forget. Olga was thrilled with her visit to the Taj Mahal. A lifelong dream of hers.


Cathryn Allen

2016-11-14 18:38 Nina Ghosh

Hi Jane,

Thanks for your email. I have been meaning to write to you for awhile, but just got very busy after our return. 

The trip was great. We were very impressed with the natural beauty, historical monuments and technological strides made by China.

The group bonded well and hotel accommodations were very comfortable.

Overall, Helen was a great tour guide and made sure we were all well taken care of. She made sure our specific dietary needs were met and we were seated in front of the bus. She took care  of all the logistics very competently. We got to share a lot of Chinese culture and way of life through Helen 's discourses over and above the tour details.

Thanks for your help.



2016-10-20 13:12 Gordon Chow

Hi Jane,

Just to let you know we enjoyed our China Epic Tour/holiday.   It was a China not what I had expected, what a pleasant surprise.  One often read and hear about the economic growth in China but to see it yourself the size and scale of growth in the past decade is astounding.

The guides from Nexus were great, they were friendly and very informative; George our main guide was very easy to get along, great humour and very informative regarding present and past history of China.  Also the local guides were very informative such as Sophie in Shennong, very knowledgeable of her local area and her great story telling abilities of the region.  Even the shopping stops on tour were informative and we ended purchasing the items offered at each location.

The cruise on the Yangtze thru the Three Gorges and the excursion on the Shennong River was one of the key highlights for me.

Overall we enjoyed our trip with Nexus and once again thank you for making all our travel arrangements. 

Take care,

Gordon C.

2016-10-28 08:39 elena_khaskin

Hello Jane,

I would like to thank you for taking care of our trip organizations. Everything went well and we enjoyed it very much. We are looking forward for other trips with Nexus. Please include my e-mail into distribution list for promotions.



2016-11-03 09:20 Patrick Mendes & Eva Paul Mendes

Hi Jane,



Hope you had a good holiday yourself. 


Now to the main purpose of this e-mail.  Just wanted to Thank you and the Nexus team for a very good holiday that my wife and myself had in China.  Everything was very efficient from the time Leo met us at Beijing airport.


Our main guide was Gavin, who was very approachable and explained everything in detail.  The following are some of the highlights of our tour, In Beijing Fei Fei Wu escorted us and explained a lot of the important aspects of the; Summer Palace, Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square.  The next day, she also escorted us to the Great Wall, something we will never forget.


We enjoyed the beauty of Lingering Garden in Suzhou.  Even though we were caught in traffic on our way to Hangzhou, due to a mud slide that covered a portion of the highway, thus missing the performance 'Impression West Lake'.  However, we liked the city of Hangzhou.


Upon our return to Shanghai, we experienced going on the magnetic train at 432km/h.  - Wow!  Took an evening cruise on the Huangpu River.  Even though it was raining, we made the best of it and enjoyed the beauty of Shanghai.  Taking a stroll along the famous Bund and visiting the French quarter was a wonderful experience.


We were happy that we made the decision to go to Xi'an and see the Terra Cotta Warriors.  Even though our flt. was delayed by 8 hrs. on China Eastern, due to bad weather the previous day, it was definitely worth the wait.


Some further highlights;  The hotels were all very good, however The Pan Pacific Suzhou & Grand Metropark in Hangzhou stood out as being fabulous.  We would have definitely liked to have spent more time at the Pan Pacific to enjoy the walk through its beautiful garden.  Also, we would have preferred to be at the Wyndham Bund in East Shanghai, but understand that we were part of a big group.


We also enjoyed shopping at the underground market place in Shanghai and would have liked more time at this place, but do understand that time has to be spent at some of the other shopping promoters places.


With respect to the food.  Breakfast at the hotels was very good.  Lunch and Dinner provided at some of the restaurants was also good, but after a few days, eating the same type of menu was a bit boring.


We were very happy to experience the beauty of China, the modern infrastructure, how clean the cities were, how friendly and helpful the people are.  The service on Air Hainan was exceptional.  Ironically, just yesterday we were shopping in Milton, Ont. at Premium Outlets and Air Hainan was doing a promotion.  We told their service reps. that we just experienced their wonderful airline and that we had gone with NEXUS.


Lastly, both Leo's were extremely helpful in Xi'an, but we want to express our Thanks to Leo (the main guide in Xi'an ) for waiting at the airport until we both cleared Security.  For some reason our passport numbers were not on our Flt. schedule for the Beijing- Toronto portion of our trip and the Air Hainan Mgr. told Leo that Security may have some concerns.  Leo, very quickly contacted the China office of Nexus to have them update it and waited until we cleared the long security line.  This was very much appreciated.


We have already started telling some of our friends  both verbally and on FB of the wonderful holiday we had, since some of them are considering visiting China next year.  One idea, you may consider.  Have name tags for the people in the group in that way others know who is in the group and also the Tour guide can see a person's name on their tag.  Once again thank you and we look forward to using Nexus in the future.



Patrick Mendes & Eva Paul Mendes

2016-10-30 20:03 ghanny

Hi Jane...hope all is well with you....its important to let you know that we had a wonderful time in China...your company delivered what it promised.....and you were right..nothing to worry about.

The food was a bit of a challenge ,as communication was a bit on the tough side....never the less that was not a major issue.

The guides were excellent and we did  take a few optional...

We came back 1 day late because our original flight from Shanghai was cancelled...again that was not an issue to us...the airline put us up in a hotel and took us back to the airport next day.

I can say this ...dealing with you was a pleasure and i hope that I may be able to do  a few more trips with Nexus.

And I can say this too....from our first contact at checkin with Hainan Airlines,the tour.the people,hotel staff etc...and getting off back at Toronto...everyone we came into contact with were...friendly,warm,accomadating and always carried a smile...whooooa...just cant beat that.

Take care...and thanks

Nasir and Fazeela

2016-11-03 12:14 atmaram.hardeen

Hi Jane,

Myself and wife would like to personally thank you for a most splendid

China Highlights Tour. It was an amazing Tour and well presented.The Tour

guides were very knowledgeable and courteous..Highly recommended..

Please keep us informed on the Thailand special for next year.


Atma & Urmilla.

2016-11-09 11:56 Elena

Dear Jane,
we just returned from our Epic tour in China.. . thank you for all your support.. and patience..
The tour was absolutely amazing and very well arranged.. all guides were very well prepared and spoke fluent English, and let's not forget how beautiful were the places we visited ..
Once again thanks for what you did for us..
Greetings from Italy

2016-11-21 08:10 Joyful Pilgrim

Good Morning,


My husband and I just returned from the 10 day China Highlight Tour. We did complete an evaluation after the Beijing portion but not after the remainder. I wanted to be sure to pass along how much we appreciated the tour guide, Meng Ting Jiang (Sara). She went above and beyond to make our tour memorable. She managed to keep our group organized, safe and informed while responding to our varied requests and making it a lot of fun. She was another highlight of the trip.


Could you pass this along for me?


And I want to thank all of you for your help answering our many questions as we got ready to go. It was very much appreciated and so helpful. We had a great experience with Nexus tours and truly enjoyed our trip.


Thank you,

Gail Pilgrim

Thursday, Sep 22,2016 Tikva Franko

Dear Mrs. Jane Yuan,

We are very pleased with our China Epic 15 day tour (pity so short) you booked for us. Thank you very much for your assistance, your excellent suggestions, advices and organisation our tour. We are also very pleased with the hotels, meals and the program.


We were specially  pleased with our guide tour Jackie Cheung (Zhang Ji) with his very good knowledge, his help in every thing, solving small or big problems, his permanent smile, he is an incredible our guide, he is a real professional.


So, dear Jane, be sure we will recommend you to all our friends and relatives, and for us, please suggest us our next trip for 2017.


Please forward this email to may it can be concern.

Thank you very much and sincere regards,

Tikva Franko

Saturday, October 8, 2016 Boni Collingwood

Hi Jan, I just want to thank you for the Fabulous trip you presented to me, last Spring, when I first met you at the Stayner Home and Garden Show. The 2 for 1 China Delight trip was absolutely fabulous . The hotel accommodation, was superb, ( better than North American 5 star rating), the tours and the daily guides we had were outstanding in their fields. Extremely accommodating, extremely knowledgeable ,very patient, great sense of humor ,kind and considerate ,and very good speaking skills in the English language. The tours that were scheduled for this trip were wonderful, informative and interesting. As were the other stops Jade factory, Pearl factory, Silk factory ,Tea Plantation etc.
The whole trip was most enjoyable, very educational and informative.

I had never heard of Nexus Travel before, but you can be sure that it is a name that I will certainly pass on, with great respect.
Also the help given before, we actually left, was above and beyond my expectations.
Thank you for providing a most enjoyable travel experience.



Collingwood, On.

Sep 28,2016 Roland Kennedy

We are just back from our two weeks…was very successful…a great set of tour guides..especially the national guide David Xu..excellent..great at solving problems along the way.  He is a credit to Nexus…a valuable employee.  Also, we had a great tour group…made for many good times.  All in all, a very good experience. 

Thursday, October 6, 2016 Patricia Moylan

Dear Lam

Fred McMullen and I are just back from our 1- day trip to China, starting Sept 18, in Shanghai and ending in Xi'an. I wanted to be in touch to let you know how much we enjoyed it and how impressed we were with the whole package.

One of the many things that made it terrific were the guides we joined up with over the trip. Every one of them were knowledgable and spoke very good English, as well as being friendly and accommodating. There are two individuals who I would like to commend very highly.

The first one is George who met us at the airport and was our traveling "manager" for the entire trip. He made the tour so much fun by being so helpful, kind and funny. He was always there to look out for us and to explain clearly what the day's plan would be. He always had our hotel rooms booked and ready for us and our flight boarding passes taken care of.

At no time during the trip did we feel that we were not being watched over very carefully. He was especially kind and presented me with a lovely bottle of wine; my 60th birthday fell during the trip. I cannot say enough about him and Nexus is very lucky to have him in their employ.

The second one is Jennifer who took care of us in Beijing. For 3 days she spoke about the history of China and Beijing in particular. She was extremely intelligent about China's history and, like George, she made sure we were well taken care of. I realized how lucky we were to have her, I learned so much about China from her; indeed I could not talk for 3 days about my own country's history. She was lovely!!

I would appreciate you passing our letter on to other people at Nexus. You should be very proud of the trips you put together and these two people in particular who we shall always remember.

Kindest Regards,

Patricia Moylan

Jun 28,2014 Janette

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you everyone at Nexus Holidays for organising a magnificent China Sampler tour. The tour exceeded my expectations in every way. It was operated by very efficient local and national guides, who were both experienced and helpful. The level of accommodation was exceptional in most instances and the food was great. The optional tours were highly enjoyable and I would give this trip a full 5 star rating. I will have no hesitation in recommending it to everyone contemplating travelling to China. Thank you for this most memorable experience.


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