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Mon, Apr 11, 2016 Joan Munro

Dear Koey,I would like to thank you very much for your part in arranging our recent trip to China and Hong Kong. We had a wonderful time, and will treasure our memories forever. Our national tour guide, Tony Wang, was amazing. He seemed to genuinely care about all of us in the tour group, and did everything possible to ensure that our experience would be comfortable, enriching, educational and memorable. When our flight to Beijing was delayed and we arrived at our Beijing hotel after 2 am, Tony rearranged our schedule for the next morning so we could sleep in a little, while still ensuring that we saw everything that was on our itinerary. This is just one example of how Tony adapted to situations and took care of us. Our transfer to Hong Kong was seamless, and we really enjoyed the half-day tour that you arranged for us. Otherwise, we just had fun finding our way around Hong Kong with a map. I would have no hesitation in recommending Nexus Tours to anyone wishing to visit China, but would hope they would be lucky enough to have Tony Wang as their national guide. David Ma in Suzhou stood out as a terrific local guide.

 Thank you again. 

Joan Munro

Tuesday, Mar 22, 2015 Mitchel Glanzbergh

We had a really great time, the weather was perfect, except for a little rain in Hong Kong. The guides were great, very friendly, funny, and informative. Many thanks to the local guides, Ping (Bejing), Amy (Suzhou), Lisa (Wuxi), Laura (Hangzhou) for their tremdendous knowledge of the culture and history of these cities and surrounding areas. 

A very special thanks to Joe Wu, who was with us from Shanghai - Suzhou - Wuxi - Hangzhou - back to Shanghai. He went way above and beyond expectations with fantastic "customer service". Very witty, knowlegable, easy to talk to, taught us a lot about Chinese history and culture. 

He was incredibly accomodating and thoughtful, here are some examples: A lady in our group had a birthday, he ordered 2 big birthday cakes to celebrate. On our last night together, he arranged for a nice big bottle of wine per table. He made a special arrangement for those of us who wished, to go for a ride on the Shanghai bullet train, this was a great experience. He exchanged money for us at a very fair rate. Joe was always there when we needed him, he really looked after us well.

Many thanks Koey at Nexus Holidays.


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